Watertech Ltd can supply and install all of the products that you could wish for in your wellness centers.


Wellness centers consist of different zones according to the treatments and equipment installed.


In order to adapt your body to the different zones of the wellness center, it is recommended to design a circuit, with water being the first one, second is the temperature zone and finally the therapeutic massages:


Wellness Circuit, steps to follow:


Water Area: Pool Surround Jet / Cascade / Neck distension + backwards / Air loungers / Air-water loungers / Backwards & legs

Sauna / Steam bath

Temperature Contrast: Ice fountain / Pediluvium / Contrast showers

Therapeutic massages and liquid recovering




Water zone is based on a recreational pool with different water effects as such cascades and hydro-massage jets to relax the muscles of the neck and the back.

This zone can include also other equipment with air massage principle, creating another type of relaxant effect in your muscles with no pain. Watertech Ltd can propose many products for air massage, as such air loungers, air benches, pool floor massage grills, etc.




After relaxing in the water area, it is time for the temperature zone: Saunas and Steam Baths or Hammams in which perspiration and vasodilatation are stimulated.


Then, the temperature contrast should be carried out either by applying ice from the ice fountain or by using the contrasting showers.




We present a shower for professional hydrotherapy with a sequential cyclic circuit with different sprinkler levels and a selector for the different programs and functions through a touch screen. Its main feature is the alternated and sequential spray jets through the levels of cold and hot water with a pre-setting and programmable timing.




Our bithermal mist showers create a continuous mist atmosphere to soften the thermal contrast in the cycles of thermo-recreational areas, providing a sensation of invigorating rest. It is composed by a special design water jet with 3 injectors of atomized pulverization.




This shower has incorporated controls to carry out a Scottish shower treatment directed and personalized by a physiotherapist. The piece of furniture that composes it is manufactured in stainless steel with high quality control accessories. It allows applying cold or hot water and alternating it manually through a touch screen, although there is also the option of programming it previously.




Combination of relaxing and hand massage through bithermal micro-jets, always starting with hot water. The Vichy Shower is a hydrotherapy treatment which consists in the application of various showers simultaneously from feet to head for different purposes depending on the pressure and temperature applied. The shower comes together with an ergonomic and comfortable bed.


At the end of the circuit, the users can relax in the relaxation zones, take a massage and drink lots of fluid.

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